Forever Fever (That's the Way I Like It)
friday 10pm - grote zaal

production notes


Glen Goei

Singapore 1998
95 min
Feature 35 mm
English subtitles

After studying Drama in London, Goei got the lead role opposite Anthony Hopkins in the 1989 West End staging of the Tony Award winning M. Butterfly. He worked as a producer and went on to study film at New York Unversity. Forever Fever is his first feature film as a director.

Programme: Asian Expression
This film from Singapore is a Saturday Night Fever meets Purple Rose of Cairo meets Bruce Lee.

Ah Hock - supermarket assistant cum Bruce Lee- wannabe - wants to buy a new beefy-looking motorbike. He decides to take a shot at the $5000 grand prize at the Galaxy Disco dance competition and signs up with childhood sweetheart Mei for dance classes. But instead of buying the motorbike, Ah Hock finds himself dancing for the sex change surgery of his rival - his parent's favourite son - his brother Lesley, who gave up a brilliant doctor's career to become her own woman.

The film attempts to frame the John Travolta classic dance flick in a Singaporean context , resulting in a rather enjoyable nostalgic recapturing of the 70s' disco era.