Saturday 12pm - grote zaal

production notes

SShu Lea Cheang
Japan, 2000
74 min
Feature video
with no subtitles

Dutch premiere

Shu Lea Cheang is a multi-media artist originally from Taiwan, but is now based only on the net. In 1999, Cheang produced the web project BRANDON based on the tragic life of Brandon Teena. BRANDON is the very first internet art project commissioned by the New York Guggenheim Soho Musem.

Programme: Asian Expressions: X-travaganza Porn
An unofficial sequel to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, I.K.U. is an experimental extravaganza of images, animation, sound, sex, technological bodies and sophisticated props. The film tells a bizarre story set in the fantasy world of the Japanese porn genre SM, which stands for 'salary man'.

The development of the I.K.U. system by the GENOM Corporation reaches its final stage. I.K.U. technology will enable people to have orgasms without the use of genitals, since I.K.U. data are directly delivered to the brain by connecting to the I.K.U. server.
To complete the I.K.U. system, it is necessary to collect the orgasm data of all individuals. Therefore, GENOM Corporation sends salary man Dizzy to New Tokyo to collect orgasm through his beloved Reiko, who can change into seven replicants to collect all different sorts of orgasm.

I.K.U. is set in an era when business controls personal pleasure. Distinct genders as well as the identity of the human race are blurring. Going beyond the genre of porn, the film is also a unique piece of digital art that uses computer techniques and structures combined with humor drawn exclusively from Japanese manga.

Director Shu Lee Cheang will be present at the screening.