Special Film Presentation
Saturday 10pm - kleine zaal

Programme: Asian Expressions: Gender Bending in Hong Kong Cinema
In this programme we will show a classic from the Hong Kong cinema, a spectacular martial arts film that has one of the most stunning fighting choreography of the martial arts genre. More important, it exhibits also a provocative gender bending that became common in Hong Kong blockbuster films in the 90's. Martial arts fighter par excellence Jet Li takes on Brigitte Lin as the sex-changed villain.

The film is set in the mystic 19th century of China. A villain who plans to overthrow the empire has acquired the magical scrolls that will give him access to supernatural power. To possess this supernatural power, the villain had to give up his manhood. He gradually transformed into a feminized person. Against all odds, the villain feels at ease with this newly acquired gender identity as woman and even falls in love with our hero.

Actress Brigitte Lin, originally from Taiwan, almost single-handedly played a few dozen cross-dressing roles in the Hong Kong cinema. In the documentary Yang & Yin: Gender in Chinese Cinema, director Stanley Kwan discusses with film director and producer Tsui Hark and actor Leslie Cheung (Farewell to my Concubine) on cross-dressing performances in this cinema.