T-Image Foundation (Stichting T-Image) is the initiator of the Dutch Transgender Film Festival (NTGF). The foundation was set up in 2000 and is a non-profit organisation that organizes cultural events to encourage visibility and positive representations of transgender issues.

Aims of the NTGF

The festival aims to encourage screenings of artistic, interesting, educational, informative or challenging film and video productions on transgender issues, to provide more visibility of these subjects, and to create more understanding among the general public. By organising lectures, panels and discussions, the festival aims to provide context to complex transgender issues, and to encourage acceptance and respect for and among transgender people. The festival hopes to contribute and pose challenges to debates on rigid gender structures in our society, and to counter media's stigmatising representations of transgender people and issues.

Festival Staff 2005

Kam Wai Kui Festival Director

Jac-Paul Spaas Editor & Publicity

Annerike Gorter Youth Programme

Justus Eisfeld Organisation

Helen Hok-Sze Leung English Editor

Eliza Steinbock Guesthandling & Volunteers Co-ordinator

Jules Schaper Subtitles and translation

de Noodles Gender Masque(e)rade #3 Party

Netherlands Transgender Filmfestival (NTGF)

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