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Shabnam Mousi

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Shabnam, born as an intersex baby, was given away by her parents to hijras. The hijras of India are physically male or intersex persons who are considered to be members of 'the third sex'. Shabnam then grows up under the influence and cultures of the hijras, and grows up to be a dancer. But after being falsely accused of her adoptive mother's murder, Shabnam has to run away. Through grit and determination she fights against social prejudice and eventually succeeds in rising to political power. Based on a real person, Shabnam Mousi is an action-packed Bollywood movie about a hijra who has to do her best to overcome societal oppression. Using song, dance, martial arts and a sly wit to fight her way to the top, Shabnam Mousi is a film that leaves the audience cheering till the end.

Born as Chandra Prakash in a Brahmin family in 1955, Shabnam Mausi ("auntie Shabnam") was handed over to eunuchs after her family discarded her. She took up acting in Hindi films to earn a living. Later, Shabnam Mausi moved to Madhya Pradesh and took up social work. Shabnam later stood for the State Legislative Elections in 1999 and won.
Yogesh Bhardwaj, feature, 153', 35 mm, India 2005, in Hindi with English subtitles

The real Shabnam Mousi (in the middle) with film cast