From 3 till 7 October, the Dutch Transgender Film Festival (NTGF) will be held at De Balie in Amsterdam. This 5-day festival offers you a programme of 16 screenings, three lectures, Q&A sessions at the Festival Salon and a photo exhibition. International guests and filmmakers will be joining us during this 5-day celebration of transgender cinema & culture.

The NTGF is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Science and Art, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds and Stichting Thuiskopie.

The NTGF is presented by T-Image Foundation in collaboration with Cinema de Balie.


Programme update

Opening Night Film: Southern Comfort
The NTGF will open its festival with the Dutch premiere of Southern Comfort from director Kate Davis, winner of the Best Documentary Award at the Sundance Film Festival 2001. This documentary on the FTM Robert Eads shows the hostile medical environment that refuses to treat his ovarian cancer, all because medical professionals are in fear losing their reputation under the repressive climate of Robert's homeland.
Dutch Premieres
Apart from the Opening Night Film, many other films are presented for the first time to the Dutch audience, like the documentary A Boy Named Sue from director Julie Wyman, the first film which captures six years of the transformation process of a ftm on screen. Furthermore: the visual extravaganza of Shu Lea Cheang's Sci-Fi Porn I.K.U., the film version of Banana Yoshimoto's bestseller Kitchen, and the documentary Paradise Bent about the social importance of boys raised as girls on Samoa.
Special focus on Southeast Asia: Asian Expressions
This festival focus on representations of transgenders from the Southeast Asian region, showing comedies, documentary, martial arts films and science fiction film, ranging from Singapore to Hong Kong and Japan. We will be showing Stanley Kwan's personal documentary Yang + Yin: Gender in Chinese Cinema, the Japanese cult classic Summer Vacation: 1999, a story that deals with Japanese straight women's fascination for (ideal) gay love, and the ultimate feel good movie Forever Fever from Singapore, an entertaining mixture of Saturday Night Fever and Bruce Lee.
Lectures: Cheryl Chase, Susan Stryker and on Drag Queen Contests
Intersexuality is a diverse condition that is still unknown outside the medical discourse. Intersex are people who, according to the same medical discourse, are born with an anomaly in the reproductive system. Many of them have undergone medical treatments to 'correct' that anomaly, leaving them with a sense of shame and secrecy.
Cheryl Chase, the founder of Intersex Society of North America (ISNA), will give a lecture on this often misinformed subject of intersexuality on Sunday October 7th at 4pm. The ISNA was awarded the Human Rights Award by the The International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission for their path breaking activities for the rights of intersex in the U.S. Cheryl Chase will talk about the political activities of ISNA. After her talk, Cheryl Chase will be joined by Del LaGrace Volcano in the discussion with the audience.

Transgender-activist, historian and academic Susan Stryker will give a lecture on Building a Transgender Community, based on her activities for GLBT Historical Society in San Francisco on Thursday October 4th at 8pm. She will show clips from her work-in-progress documentary on the very beginning of transgender activism at the Bay Area, Looking For Compton's. Victor Silverman, co-director of Looking for Compton's will join Susan Stryker during the lecture.

The third lecture of the festival will focus on Drag Queen Contests on Friday October 5th at 8pm. The audience will be given a glimpse of the world of drag queen contests, using rare footages dating back from the 1960's, ranging from countries from Italy to Thailand and the Philippines.

Special Shorts Programmes on FTM's and Intersex
The festival offers special programmes on two groups within the community that suffer from insufficient visibility in the media: the FTM programme and the Intersex programme. The FTM programme offers divers short films with topics on FTM's life, including Manhood, Straightboy Lessons and A Boy Named Sue; the Intersex Programme shows Cheryl Chase's 1997 classic documentary Hermaphrodites Speak and Del LaGrace Volcano and Cara Lavan's Journey Intersex.
The third shorts programme, T-Shorts, is a selection of films ranging from traditional documentary to experimental, satire and the funny family portrait No Dumb Questions, the winner of the Audience Award at the San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2001. !
Audience Favourites and Surprise Film
On Sunday October 7th, the two most popular programmes will be repeated at the so-called Audience Favourites screenings at 4pm and 8pm. Check the festival website for the latest updates. The festival's Closing Night Film is a sneak preview from Southeast Asia; a comedy with a tolerant message.
Photo exhibition of Wilma van de Hel
During the festival, photos of Wilma van de Hel will be displayed at the foyer of de Balie.